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About Anna Gilchrist

"My mission is to create literature that educates, enlightens, and empowers the young minds of today to become the ethical and compassionate leaders of tomorrow."

Anna Gilchrist is an American author who grew up outside Washington D.C., where she wrote her first book at the tender age of ten. A couple of decades later, she received her MFA in Childhood Studies at Swansea University where she learned about global advocacy for children's rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

    It was during her studies that she decided to get involved and raise awareness by writing, and illustrating a book about a brave girl who fights for the right for all children to play.

Anna currently lives in New Jersey where she is also a member of the soul-stirring Resistance Revival Chorus and is available for school visits, book tours, and events.

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Our nine-year-old loves reading Daffodil's adventures aloud to her younger brothers; they all connect deeply to the story and its theme of standing up for what's right. Anna Gilchrist's rhythmic, spirited writing and charming illustrations create a vivid world for this uplifting story. An instant favorite in our bedtime story rotation!

If you want to introduce UNCRC Article 31 in a very charming way, this children’s book is the way to go. It has beautiful illustration with a great story and lessons to match. Can’t wait for the next one. Well done Anna Gilchrist!

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What an amazing book with a great message, especially in today's society. Highly recommended for any household with children.

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Kate Quarfordt, Co-founder of City School of the Arts

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